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  1. These exciting new books will keep your cannabis knowledge up to date.

    Cannabis has found its way into just about every facet of culture and lifestyle from food and fashion to medicine and spirituality and beyond.

    With so much happening in the weed world, sometimes you need more than an article or think piece to really get some in-depth understanding and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry.

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  2. The Illinois House has sent the governor a measure legalizing industrial hemp.

    The House voted 106-3 this week to allow hemp cultivation for commercial use.

    Hemp is a form of the cannabis plant distinct from marijuana. It does not produce any high-like effects and is often used in clothing or food.

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  3. A growing body of research over the last couple decades suggests that there’s another potential strategy to making the brain more resilient to the damaging effects of injury, the changes associated with stress, and the effects of age. It involves cannabis.

    Each year, around 2 million Americans experience a sport-related traumatic brain injury (TBI).

    Soldiers are also at elevated risk for TBI; 17% of deployed soldiers to Iraq experienced a TBI, and among them, 59% experienced multiple TBIs.

    On a less overt level, our stress levels are on the rise. And to make matters worse, there’s a direct link between stress and increased risk for cardiovascular effects like heart attack and stroke. 

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  4. Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan is co-sponsoring a bill that would direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to research medicinal cannabis.

    The bill calls on the VA to look into the “efficacy and safety” of cannabis in the treatment of veterans diagnosed with “chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder” and other conditions.

    Twenty-nine states have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, but it still remains illegal under federal law.

    That’s why it has been unclear if the VA is allowed to research cannabis, and the bill would specifically authorize the department to do so. 

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  5. The medical marijuana dispensary that opened inside a former T-shirt factory in Bellmawr three years ago has moved into a modern new space across the street and is now the largest retail purveyor of cannabis on the East Coast.

    The 6,150 square-foot Curaleaf dispensary opened this month in an industrial park in Camden County, about 10 miles south of Philadelphia.

    The new facility is designed to handle 1,000 patients a day, said Jordan Isenstadt, a spokesman for Pallia-Tech, the company that owns Curaleaf.

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  6. Sustainability is a hot-button topic that’s become increasingly important as commercial cannabis farms scale up with expanding legalization.

    To be “sustainable” means you’re able to maintain a level of output continuously.

    With farming, this means providing the correct inputs for a healthy and thriving ecosystem as you take outputs from the land.

    Amending soil, introducing crop diversity, and sourcing water efficiently are all part of sustainable agriculture. 

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  7. Nevada is skating past its first-year goals for recreational marijuana revenue.

    The state has collected $48.97 million in total marijuana tax revenues since sales began.

    Adult-use cannabis sales topped $41 million in March, the most successful month since legal sales began in July last year, according to a report Wednesday from the Nevada Department of Taxation. 

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    Jenny Kane ~ Reno Gazette Journal ~

  8. Respondents said media has the potential to change how cannabis is perceived in the world at large, with many admitting that the occasional nonstereotypical depiction has made them more comfortable talking about their habits and experiences.

    A new survey suggests it’s high time for television companies to rethink the stoner stereotype. New York strategic research agency Miner & Co. Studio released a report Wednesday, “TV and the New Cannabis Consumer,” that calls on Hollywood to help change perceptions of marijuana users.

    Of 800 surveyed cannabis consumers in states with legalization, 77 percent make more than $75,000 a year and 86 percent are employed full-time. They identify as professional, active, passionate and relaxed.

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  9. Iowans looking to buy medical marijuana products could have options across the state, starting in December.

    The Iowa Department of Public Health announced Tuesday that it has offered cannabis dispensary licenses to proposed stores in Council Bluffs, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo and Windsor Heights.

    The stores are planned by MedPharm Iowa in Windsor Heights and Sioux City; Have a Heart Compassion Care in Council Bluffs and Davenport; and Iowa Cannabis Company in Waterloo. MedPharm is based in Des Moines.

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  10. With the launch of this summer, medical cannabis researchers, patients, and caregivers will have unprecedented access to evidence-based sources and best practices.

    Philadelphia is quickly becoming a focal point in the nation’s fight for marijuana reform, with most of the attention on the city directed at Philadelphia’s new district attorney, Larry Krasner, who is championing a radical reform agenda aimed at transforming criminal justice.

    But Philly is also home to the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp, one of the country’s leading medical cannabis research centers.

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  11. A bottled cannabis margarita has finally cleared its last regulatory hurdle and is coming your way.

    California-based Tinley Collective is releasing its weed-laced version of a margarita this week and we even have the hookup to some of the first few batches for you, below.

    While Tinley’s cocktails do have THC in them, they are completely alcohol-free.

    Instead what you have is a beverage that tastes like a margarita, that doesn’t get your drunk, but will get you stoned. 

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  12. Jobs are growing in the cannabis sector and the so are the businesses offering them.

    125,000-160,000 people work full-time in the legal marijuana industry according to Chris Walsh, industry analyst and Editorial Vice President of MJBizDaily.

    That includes growers, processors, sellers and those that service and supply those companies.

    There are more marijuana sector employees than librarians or kindergarten teachers in the United States Walsh said.

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  13. Thinking of remodeling your home? Look no further than using Hempcrete. A company out of Boulder is hoping to change minds by using hemp from the cannabis plant to build homes.

    "There are 50,000 different uses for hemp,” said Jona Williams, soon to be owner of a hemp home. It's a budding industry that's growing fast.

    "It is going to come down significantly in price to where it should be cheaper to use this than conventional materials,” said Kelly Thornton, CEO of Left Hand Hemp Company. 

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  14. Kauai’s first medical marijuana dispensary has received approval to begin sales on the island. Have a Heart will open for business Monday after receiving approval from the state Department of Health late last week.

    The retail facility has completed laboratory testing requirements and passed the final onsite inspection.

    It is the sixth license medical cannabis dispensary in Hawaii, the Garden Island reported.

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  15. Recreational marijuana sales became legal in California this year, and the industry is targeting tourists as well as locals, with tours, shops, lodging and ads.

    “Just seconds from LAX,” says an ad for the MedMen chain. Yep, there are chains of marijuana stores here.

    And there are cannabis bus tours, too, like Green Line Trips, with stops at local pot dispensaries along with stops at attractions like Griffith Park.

    You can even smoke on the bus. (Funny thing about online reviews for Green Line and other tours: They’re really, really positive, as in “the best,” ″coolest,” ″hella” and “man, o man.“)

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    Marjorie Miller ~ Associated Press ~ 

  16. Seven years ago medical marijuana was legal in only 17 states and the District of Columbia; recreational marijuana was legal in zero states and zero Districts of Columbia. Today, medical marijuana programs are on the books in 29 states, and the nine best states allow for some degree of recreational use.

    Red States, Blue States, Purple States...the one thing most of us who are not Jeff Sessions can agree on in 2018 is the need for more green states on the map.

    Support for marijuana legalization this year hit an all-time high (puns!) with nearly two-thirds of Americans favoring broad recreational legalization. Happily, states are moving pot laws forward, and they’re moving them fast.

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  17. The Northern Territory Government is set to green-light the industrial hemp industry, and moves are afoot to commercially cultivate medical marijuana.

    Draft legislation to legalise the growing of industrial hemp has gone to Cabinet, a Government spokesperson said, with new laws that would bring the Territory into line with other Australian states expected to pass by the end of the year.

    A trial crop in Katherine has proven successful, with the region's climate conditions expected to give the NT a "big commercial advantage".

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  18. At the Ganja Goddess Getaway, yes, there are yoga classes and spiritual talks but the mother lode comes from the spliffs, edibles and pot-infused mocktails that aid the healing.

    Wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Mary Jane Smokewear”, a woman with long, grey pigtails crawled towards me, offering a hit off a balloon bag inflated with marijuana vapours.

    I was sitting cross-legged under a Ganja Goddess Getaway-branded gazebo on a perfect California afternoon and it was the umpteenth time that day that a stranger had come over, unprompted, to share their weed.

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  19. Fly high with this light-as-a-feather chiffon cake bursting with herbaceous carrot and bright citrus notes.

    It’s pillowy soft and oh-so-luscious—especially when served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and a pinch of lemon zest.

    End your springtime dinner party on a sweet note with this infused dessert.

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  20. With help from Microsoft, Kind Financial is building infrastructure for legal marijuana, from the farm to the dispensary.

    In June 2016, Microsoft made a startling announcement: It had partnered with a Los Angeles-based company called Kind Financial to start offering marijuana software to government agencies.

    The software, part of a government-specific version of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, allowed states that had legalized medical or recreational marijuana to easily track that cannabis from the moment it was planted to when it was sold at a local dispensary. 

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